Help for those
immediately in need.

Helping those in the Grand Ledge, Michigan community and neighboring areas.

Pure Hearts of Michigan is a home based, non-profit organization that exists to help aid and assist our community in Grand Ledge, Michigan and neighboring areas.

Whether it's a natural disaster,  pandemic, displacement circumstances, health and essential needs or acute hardship situation. We provide help to those with an immediate need through donations, sponsorships, programs and agencies.

Our services include everything from food to furniture and anything in between.

To inspire Humanity by bringing Hope, Value, and Contentment back into the lives of those lost. If you have a "Pure Heart" you are a cheerful giver.

To restore the lives broken by circumstance. We accomplish this through donations, advocacy, education, research and treating others the way you want to be treated.

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Sabrina, CEO of Pure Hearts of Michigan

My Story

Hi! My name is Sabrina Sickenberger Newton.

I'm the Founder/CEO of Pure Hearts of Michigan, a home based, non-profit organization to help those in need.

I've been married for 25 years, this year, and have 4 accomplished adult children and 3 grandchildren.

I'm also a two time breast cancer survivor, most recently diagnosed at the end of 2018.

During my journey, I knew it was time to act, and here we are.

I honestly feel this was more of a calling than a business...I knew at a very young age I was meant to make a difference...even if only helping one person at a time.

Sunshine always! ☀️